Review: Dior Spring-Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Dior’s Spring-Summer collection  journeys into the past along with ideas of the coming future, bringing together the traditions of haute couture by taking them into the dominion of the pret-a-porter.
An amazing collection by Raf Simons, Artistic Director of Christian Dior, was futuristic as well as historical. “In the last haute couture collection and show, I was interested in the process of finding something extremely modern through something very historical; particularly through a juxtaposition of different themes,” explains Raf Simons. He adds, “For this collection I wanted to continue; I thought there was more to explore. By beginning with the ingredients and the form language of the couture, but going further, I wanted the ready-to-wear to feel more modern, more dynamic, more real – I wanted it to be made available to a wider audience.”
Avoiding any strict adherence to any chronological precision and allowing a blend with the imagination, the historical presence of the collection inclined towards the 18th Century; the French royal court apparel of both the sexes, ideas and fusion drawn from  the uniforms of pilots and astronauts, as well as school girls and skaters.
A fascinating variation was patterned in the creation. The transposing of time-honoured technical details served with established structural form; bodices becoming skirts, jackets becoming blouses, smocking and openwork structures, along with the construction of hand knitted footwear. A recurring layering of traditional silk jacquards appear as a decisive stratification of history, while new ‘micro jacquards’ take the digital lattice form, booming with the traditional Dior Canage quilting, detailed and changed in the leather goods. The fashion past seems to be touching the present.

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Facade queue and close ups: Christian Dior Spring Summer 2015 ready to wear Show


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