An Eye On Fashion aims at documenting fashion, relative changes and methods, revisiting and upcoming trends, lifestyle, art and ideas that are shaping and restoring fashion. This blog looks into the developments happening in variously areas of Indian fashion and the global fashion arena, the markets, the people and the history of fashion.
The blog targets at the international collaborations with Indian fashion houses, Indian designers who get inspiration from the international designers and the international designers and stylists who are fascinated by Indian designers.
The blog also investigates if India is on the way of becoming one of the spaces for new fashion movement setting the fashion aesthetics of the recent times and the coming future and how contemporary ideas, artistic roots and western inspirations are making a mark at this nation which is quite young in fashion and has really started growing since the last decade only. It would look at some Indian fashion trends that hit the global chord of fashion, some expert opinions on the rise and rise of the Indian fashion industry and aesthetics, the latest collaborations and a quick recap of the developments over the last decade. It has a variety of sections like the Fashion Moments, Bazaar Beat, Analysis, Trends, Press & Analysis, Turning Point, Profiles, Street Style and Review that covers the vast channels of fashion and its relatives nationally and internationally.


Drop a line to: jha.srishti@gmail.com , aneyeonfashion88@gmail.com



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