Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection: A Review: Kris Van Assche

Kris Van Assche showcased his Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection at the Paris Fashion Week. A thirty-two piece symphonic orchestra welcomed the dazzling trail embracing Van Assche’s modern-day take on the archetypal tuxedo and his romantic love with realism.

Effortlessly personalized in a poetic fashion, the men’s wardrobe celebrated elegance and sartorial bliss bringing men’s formal and work wear on the same platform. The colours, fabrics and accessories celebrated the techno- sartorial element of the collection.

The Belgian fashion designer started with an idea of the sartorial with the hyper-formality of the evening tail suit and the dinner suit. He says“ I  wanted to bring formality into the world of the technical and utilitarian, to produce a techno-sartorial collection.” He adds, “The elegant and eccentric is celebrated in Dior Homme’s winter collection with the figure of the Homme Fleur. This fundamentally contemporary figure is romantic and realistic; as likely to embrace formal wear as much as work wear, the sartorial and the technical, with the decorative and practical. This man has a real life.”

The suits in shades of  black, electric blue, burgundy, pastels, white and yellow styled with  striking sneakers, briefcases, backpacks, bow-ties, ties, baseball caps and pins redefined the modern man’s dressing. The classic shirts, the duffel coats and the waist coats along with the knits and abstract touch etched the collection in the newly evolving fashion history.

“He moves, he has that energy and the technical aspect of the collection gives him that freedom. He does not look back .He is really confident in the future.”, concluded the designer. A version of Koudlam’s ‘The Landscapes’ embarked upon the customary orchestral instruments, travelling from the electronic medium into a live musical event – a metaphor coupled with the collection’s character, spirit and the making.